Thanks, Gwen, Welch, MN

Aaron did a great job plumbing my new house.  He was very knowledgeable and understanding.  He made many suggestions when we were building our house that I would have never thought of.  For example adding a hard water line for drinking on the second floor bathroom.  Also he suggested adding cast iron piping for the plumbing going through the living room for noise reduction.  We are very happy with Visionary Plumbing and will use them for all our plumbing needs. 

Thanks-- Kevin, Cottage Grove

Visionary Plumbing installed my water heater after it had started to leak on the floor.  A couple months later I had Aaron come back and install a new water softener.  He had suggested I should have a softener because of our hard water stains on our fixture’s.  He was on time and easy to talk to.  


I had called Visionary Plumbing in a panic because we needed to close on our house in two days and we found water leaks everywhere.  He came over the next day and stayed until 11:00 p.m. so we could close the next day.  Thanks a million! we love our “DRY“ house.-- Marika- Mpls.